Starting the Script of "What's Left Behind"

This week I've had some progress on "What's Left Behind" and feel very fortunate that it seems to be flowing really well. I started the screenplay on Monday and am already almost half-way through, as I've been working on it every evening (it is a short film, after all). It's only the first draft of course, and I have already noticed some mistakes and am learning new things, such as not to include music tracks in the screenplay, as I don't know the copyright behind it (you can see my mistakes of the first draft in the screenshot above, oops!). 
I was hoping to use music like Malice Mizer and Bauhaus in the soundtrack to this film, but it seems that I'll have to look further into what kind of music I can use without getting in trouble for copyright issues. Either way, I want something Gothic and melancholy, especially around the middle of the screenplay.

Not only have I done some writing for it, but I've also had three volunteers for the production of What's Left Behind in the summer - two actors and somebody for camerawork! Of course, we'll have to see how things go nearer the time, but I'm happy that some people seem interested in helping out, and like the story behind it. 

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