What's Left Behind - Initial Photographs

Through an illustration and print-making project at my art college, I got a brief called "What's Left Behind". Almost immediately, my thoughts went to the spiritual view of what's left behind, meaning the existential questions that have been around forever; what happens when I die? Do people have souls? Does God exist?
For this project, I took myself to the graveyard to focus on the decay of architecture, which reflects the death of people - gravestones that have been left to the elements; falling down, dilapidated, and often overgrown by nature. I took some photos, which you can see below, and made prints and book covers from them, as "What's Left Behind" was a short story that I've had playing around my head for a long time now. 
Finally, I am getting the inspiration and chance to write it, though this time, not as a novel or piece of prose. I'm planning on writing a screenplay or script.

The initial premise is about a young Gothic girl, a Gothic Lolita, that is at odds with her very straight-laced, often argumentative family. What will happen when she decides to take her life into her own hands and run away from home, taking refuge in a local abandoned property?

These are the photos that I worked from, and which inspired me to think of this short film, which you can also see on my art portfolio blog (link in the sidebar). 

In Loving Memory Of

To Thy Cross I Cling

My Angel

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