Cover and Synopsis of "What's Left Behind"

Currently I haven’t written much since I last blogged due to college being busy and having little energy, but I hope to get a bit done soon. Last night I designed the cover and wrote the synopsis, as I plan to release the screenplay as one of my books on Amazon, as I enjoy reading screenplays as well as fiction.
This morning I edited the music options for the short film, and decided on classical music by Bach, instead of Malice Mizer and Bauhaus, for a couple of reasons. Mostly because I don't know the copyrights behind Malice Mizer and Bauhaus music, and also because I found a really good website for classical creative commons music that I can use for free without copyright! I'm a big lover of classical music anyway, and I thought that the emotions behind some of the Bach songs would fit in well with the screenplay. Some Lolitas listen to classical music too - I'm one of them - so it wasn't too much of a leap to have that kind of soundtrack to the short film. Editing and finding songs was rather hard, but I think it makes it more well rounded and emotional as a soundtrack, if that makes sense.

Anyway, here's the cover and synopsis. It needs a bit of tweaking here and there, but for now I'm pleased.

Coming soon… A screenplay called What’s Left Behind. The cover was designed and made by me for once, using a machine-made print and a photograph I took in the graveyard layered over each other.
Synopsis: Cathy Roberts is sixteen years old and coming up to her exams at school. Nothing about her is typical, and her family are constantly being surprised, astounded — and often embarrassed — by the vigour at which she throws herself at Gothic Lolita lifestyle. From the frilly black clothes, melancholy music, awe-inspiring Japanese magazines filled to the brim with delicate gothy concoctions, the desire to make everything beautiful with a touch of dread, and the eleventh time re-watching Bela Lugosi in Dracula, Cathy is determined to live her dreams.
Despite her confidence standing out from the crowds and asserting herself to her mother and sister, Sam, there is a delicate spot in her heart that twinges with every stare, every sarcastic remark… What will happen when tensions in her family reach new heights, and Cathy decides to take fate into her own hands and run away to a place that nobody would dare call their home? What’s left behind when everything in a young girl’s life turns to ashes?

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