Hello everyone, welcome to my new blog, Miss Morris's Autochrome Dreams!

I've often fantasized about creating my own films, filming them, directing them, creating the costumes and scripts... It had always seemed like a far-fetched ambition, and I was intimidated, thinking that I don't have the right skill sets or enough people to help with the process.
This summer I would like to attempt my dream of creating a short film with the help of actors. It will be an experiment, and hopefully a lot of fun.

I shall be writing the script/screenplay, plotting the scenes through drawings, creating the costumes, filming and editing. Already, I have ideas forming for this project, and future projects. I'm pretty excited!

As for myself, I am very interested in all creative medias, such as drawing/illustrating, writing novels and scripts, sewing and designing costumes, and photography and making videos. I also love fashion -  especially vintage, Victorian and Lolita fashions - history, and reading. So hopefully this blog and future project will incorporate all of my interests together!

I look forward to documenting my process with my creative project, so you can expect to see photographs that I've taken, some videos I've filmed, art, storyboards, film reviews, costumes, musings, and generally anything that inspires me.

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